Flat 74, 4/F,Ming Fat Building, 74-76 Wellington Street, Central

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to provide every professionals  in town an instantly satisfying menswear wardrobe solution, at an attainable price.

Menswear businesswear industry is highly monopolized, and is intrinsically imperfect and inefficient due to the fact that product prices are high and fluctuate while quality the same.

Suit Artisan is here to pioneer top-notch prêt à porter menswear for the downtown professionals, aiming to provide wardrobe solutions to those with neither the time nor the inclination to spend an hour perusing the swatch book at a traditional custom suit shop.

We makes and sells suits for a discerning but price-conscious customer—law firm associates and junior equity analysts, young management consultants and fashion magazine editors. The guys who know Super 150s from Super 110s, decent suit construction from the mass production merchandises.

Suit Artisan Exquisite Quality Suits

Our brand DNA creates our uniqueness:

> Prompt and effective. Luxurious but affordable and still personal with exquisite customer supporting services.

One day for a fitted suit ? We can do it.

By selling the products online, there is no middlemen cost & physical store rental cost as compared to the traditional made-to-measure stores and retail shops- we choose to pass the savings on to you, which is reflected in our retail price. We believe that quality suit is for everyone.

Suit Artisan Price Chart Hong Kong

Do you know what you are paying for a decent suit?

Suit Artisan VS Brand Names VS Tailor-made

We absorb the difference and rebate it to our customers.