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The World of Suit Artisan

The World of Suit Artisan

Suit Artisan - A Modern Sartorial Journey with Traditional Artisanal Ability

Each brand possesses a unique narrative to share, and the enthralling chronicle of Suit Artisan revolves around consummate expertise in the realm of menswear. Suit Artisan aims to define and enhance each of the tailor made piece with the discerning eyes of seasoned professionals.

The captivating tale commenced its voyage in 2018, helmed by Andy, the visionary founder of Suit Artisan. He positioned the brand as an accessible, comprehensive solution for contemporary business attire, catering to the aspirations of the younger generation.

The unmistakable refinement of Suit Artisan is epitomized by its signature soft tailoring, expertly crafted with the aid of exclusive leno-woven Bemberg lining fabrics provided by Asahi Kasei. Gradually, the brand established its presence within the fiercely competitive tailoring industry in Hong Kong, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and offering personalized styling services of the highest caliber.

Suit Artisan breathes vitality into the world of fashion, seamlessly blending the artistry of traditional craftsmanship with innovative designs. By choosing Suit Artisan, discerning customers can embrace and appreciate its distinctive identity, rooted in a rich heritage of artisanal excellence.

Tailors and Designers in Suit Artisan :

Andy - Former menswear designer and developer in the world renowned classic tailoring brand, Gieves London, Savile Row and was the menswear in-charge of Durban, Japan. Appointed as the brand general manager of the global apparel licensing scheme of Oxford University, England. Began his menswear designing journey in Initial Fashion, Hong Kong.  

Elmer - 20+ years of solid menswear design experience as a Chief Designer and Creative Director. Former Chief Designer of Cerruti 1881, Italy, Durban of Japan and Initial Fashion, Hong Kong。Elmer was the person in-charge of design in numerous world renowned fashion retail brands. 

Kenny - Current menswear columnist of Esquire Hong Kong, Singtao Daily and Hong Kong Economic Journal. Kenny is also a stylist of celebrities, singers and popstars in Hong Kong.


每個品牌都擁有獨特的故事要分享,而 Suit Artisan 的故事主要圍繞著一群男裝設計領域的專家, 憑著多年的知識及經驗,為傳統的男裝度身訂製行業注入新的視野,思維及時尚元素。

品牌的故事始於2018年,由 Suit Artisan 的創始人 Andy 擘劃。致力為現代商務服裝提供無縫的解決方案,從而更加迎合年輕一代的需求。

Suit Artisan 品位體現在其招牌的柔軟結構剪裁,並有日本 Asahi Kasei 為我們提供獨有的專屬 Leno Weaved Bemberg (網狀織法內裡布)作為輕量化的加持。憑著傳統匠心的西裝訂製工藝,以男裝設計師視野出發的造型服務,品牌漸漸地在香港競爭激烈的裁縫行業中建立了一個無可取替的地位。 

Suit Artisan 的裁縫及設計師們 : 

Andy - 前英國 Savile Row 男裝名店 Gieves London 的設計師及產品開發專員。前日本商務男裝龍頭 Durban 的設計師。創立 Suit Artisan 前是英國牛津大學國際服裝產品副線的品牌總經理。男裝設計之路始於香港的時尚名店 Initial Fashion。

Elmer - 擁有 20 多年的服裝總設計師及創意總監的經驗。前意大利高級男裝品牌 Cerruti 1881 的創意總監及前日本商務男裝龍頭 Durban 的總設計師。其經驗亦包括於眾多國際時尚品牌擔任設計師及產品開發人員。 

Kenny - 現任 Esquire Hong Kong ,星島日報,香港經濟日報的男裝專欄作家,擅長男裝歷史,皮具及古著寫作。同時亦是一眾明星及品牌的造型師。